Manufacturers & Wholesalers Insurance Policies

When it comes to the manufacturing industry and the storage of wholesale goods, there are common risks that your business can be protected from with a tailor made insurance policy. Insure 24-7 provides specialised insurance policies for manufacturing and wholesale businesses of any size or value.

Whether you’re seeking to protect a sole trader manufacturing small batches of a specific product, or a large manufacturing facility, complicated risks can arise that are unique to this industry.

Insurance For Factories & Warehouses

Employees, machinery and equipment, premises, IT networks, logistics and the products themselves must all be taken into consideration when looking for an insurance solution for a factory.

With dedicated insurance solutions tailored made to meet the requirements of your manufacturing or wholesaling business, Insure 24-7 can offer you a competitive policy quote for factories, warehouses and manufacturing plants of any size.

Factory & Warehouse Insurance Costs

manufacturer and wholesale insurance
The cost of a policy for insuring a manufacturing plant or warehouse will depend on a wide range of factors.  Examples of variables that will alter the cost include : the type of equipment housed within, the floor space and the amount of working employees.

What Can Alter The Cost Of My Manufacturers Insurance Policy?

  • Do members of the public visit your premises? You’ll need liability insurance.
  • Better security measures (fences, CCTV) will lower your premium.
  • How many employees work in your facility? Are their jobs dangerous?
  • Hazardous products being produced or stored on your premises.
  • Is the machinery or equipment used dangerous? Was it expensive?
  • Is process automated, or is manual labour required?
  • What is your previous insurance claims history like?

You can rest assured when you choose Insure 24-7, our brokers will work to tailor a policy that is the most cost effective for your business.

Get A Quote For Manufacturers And Wholesalers Insurance

If you or your business relies on a factory or warehouse then do not hesitate to get in contact with Insure 24-7 directly for a free no obligation quote on insurance policies for manufacturers and wholesalers. Our dedicated commercial insurance team will be happy to offer you advice and guidance.