Insurance For Restaurants & Takeaways

Choosing the right insurance policy for a restaurant or takeaway is an essential responsibility when you are managing a business that deals with the public. You need the right insurance policy that suits your business model and will cover you in the event of unforeseeable circumstances.For example, you could be held liable if a customer trips or falls in your premises, while a faulty freezer could destroy your stock or a fire in the kitchen may mean you’ll need to close.

At Insure 24-7, we can arrange an insurance policy that’s suitable for restaurants, takeaways, fish & chip shops, kebab shops, cafes and any other catering businesses that serve food to the public. We will work to understand your business and find the correct affordable restaurant or takeaway insurance policy for you.

Restaurant And Takeaway Insurance Policies To Suit Your Needs

We tailor our insurance deals for restaurants and catering businesses around your own specific requirements. A range of options are available for listed buildings, entertainment licensed premises, contents insurance, employers liability, public liability insurance and more.

Our policies cover all the important and mandatory elements, and because we provide a personalised service, you can also customise your cover to take a variety of business-specific aspects into account.

Great Deals On Restaurant And Takeaway Insurance Policies

A comprehensive insurance policy for your restaurant will ensure that you have the necessary funds and cover to rebuild your business should the worst happen. Moreover, if a customer reports food poisoning that they claim was the result of your meal or an employee suffers an injury at work, you can rest assured you’ll be protected from compensation claims levied against you.

Insure 24-7 will offer a fully comprehensive policy to suit your business for a reasonable price. There is no need to pay over the odds when insuring your restaurant, takeaway or catering business.

Insure 24-7 offers a whole menu of insurance products to fit the appetite of any culinary business. Whether you run a fast food takeaway or a Michelin starred restaurant in Mayfair, you clientele maybe different but the principles are the same, you need insurance from the specialists.

Insure 24-7 aim to provide you with benefit of our specialist knowledge and access to insurance markets that most other brokers simply do not have. We will work with you to understand your business, your customers and plans for the future to ensure you have the right level of insurance cover across all areas of your restaurant or catering business.

Our service will be as quick as your takeaway and as comprehensive as your a la carte menu

Types of risks covered by our restaurant insurance policies;

  • Restaurants
  • All you can eat buffets
  • Cafes and all day breakfast
  • Takeaways
  • Coffee Shops
  • Commercial kitchens
  • High-end establishments

Standard risks that are usually covered by most restaurant or catering policies are;

  • Buildings Insurance
  • Public liability
  • Employers liability
  • Business interruption cover
  • Contents insurance
  • Stock
  • Money on the premises

Non-standard risks and additional extras that you may wish to consider are:

  • Premises with flat roofs
  • Start-up businesses
  • Glass cover
  • Accidental damage
  • Cyber insurance
  • Book debt protection
  • Legal expenses
  • Subsidence
  • Goods in transit

Are Takeaways Lower Risks than Eat in Restaurants?

It stands to reason that the more people you have on your premises and the longer that they stay for, the higher the risk, which is matched with a higher premium. Whilst in most cases this is essentially true, the largest risk factors are your employees and heat.

Takeaways typically use large ranges and griddles to cook food which generate a lot of exposed heat and naked flames. Due to the nature of ‘fast food’ the temperatures are high and the food cooked quickly. Both increase the risk of fire and food poisoning, so these risks outweigh the increased risks of having clientele that stay onsite to eat their food.

Get A Quote For Restaurant And Takeaway Insurance Policies

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