World Sight Day 2016: The Laws On Sight And Driving

Posted on October 13, 2016 by

World Sight Day 2016: The Laws On Sight And Driving

Having good vision is a crucial part of driving. However a report shows 1 in 5 middle aged drivers hit the road knowing their eyesight is not as good as it should be.

In aid of International Sight Day 2016, Insure 24-7 want to stress the importance of maintaining your sight whilst holding a driving license.

The law requires a driver to pass the following requirements in order to be a safe driver and attain a driving license.

A driver must be able to read a car number plate from 20 meters

Potential drivers are tested on this during their pratical driving test, if they are unable to read correctly a number plate on a parked vehicle 20 meters from them, they will automatically fail there driving test and will not be permitted a licence. The DVLA will then schedule an eye test with the DVSA before they are able to apply for a practical test again.

A driver must meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving by having visual activity of 0.5 measured on the Snellen Scale using both eyes together.

A driver can pass this minimum standard with glasses or contact lenses as well as without glasses altogether.

A driver must have adequate field of vision.

An Adequate field of vision requires a specific width of visual field without significant defects in the sensitive central area. An optician can inform the driver of this and perform the test.

Once a driver has been permitted a driving license they are not required to have their eyesight checked by the DVLA again until they reach the age of 70.

It is the driver’s responsibility to inform the DVLA of any problems with their eyesight that affects both eyes. This doesn’t include being short or long sighted or being colour blind.

Night driving is more demanding than daytime so it is advisable to be extra vigilant when driving in dark conditions, as hazards become harder to detect.

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