Directors’ Liability Insurance

If you are a director, an officer or managing partner within in a company, then you will be aware of the specific responsibilities you’re obliged to fulfill. You can be held to account for your decisions and actions by members of the public, employees, shareholders and the government. A comprehensive directors’ liability insurance policy will protect you as an individual and your business.

What Is Directors Liability Insurance

Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance, which is also often referred to as management liability, will protect those who are partners or directors within a firm from financial costs of compensation claims that could be brought against them.

Directors can be personally held accountable by claimants, which may result in fines or even imprisonment.

Chose liability insurance for directors and officers from Insure 24-7 for peace of mind; you’ll be covered against the legal costs associated with;

  • Health & safety claims, which could become a manslaughter charge if the accident was fatal.
  • Employment claims for discrimination, ill-treatment or unfair dismissal.
  • Breach of duty, trust or negligence claims.
  • Harm to the environment.
  • Wrongful and illegal trading.

With a policy in place, you can have confidence that you and other insured partners will be covered from such eventualities.

How Will Directors Insurance Help Me?

Your own personal finances, as well as those also insured on the policy, will be protected against defence costs that arise as a result of a claim, or compensation that you be required to pay out. You will be covered against;

  • Shareholders who claim against other investors.
  • Legal costs in situations regarding your personal involvement in the admin surrounding pensions.
  • The defence costs resulting from a claim by injured employees or members of the public.

Get A Quote For Directors’ & Officers’ Insurance Policies

For a competitive quote on directors’ liability insurance policies, then do not hesitate to contact Insure 24-7 today. Our insurance experts will be able to put together a policy that is tailored to meet your specific requirements as a director, or partner of a company.