Make Sure You Are Covered This Black Friday

Posted on November 17, 2016 by

Make Sure You Are Covered This Black Friday

Somehow next Friday is the return of the bargain hunters dream; Black Friday. Chaos on the roads and madness in the shops are all but a Grinch’s paradise.

Insure 24-7 wants to make sure all our customers stay safe this festive season and Black Friday is just the beginning. Whether its car insurance or home and contents insurance Insure 24-7, have got you covered all year round at Black Friday prices.

Take a look at our guide on staying safe this Black Friday…

Sleigh Ride To The Shops

Car insurance claims rise by almost 40% on Black Friday. Be careful on your journey as Scrooges are prone to road rage when rushing to drive to the nearest discounted shop; so make sure you keep calm and follow the Highway Code.

Accidents can sometimes happen in car parks where discount hungry shoppers fight over car parking spaces. Don’t follow these humbugs who park on double yellows or the pavement to avoid queueing in the car park as it only creates more carnage and you will get slapped with a parking ticket.


When returning to the sleigh after you have collected your amazing ‘once in a lifetime’ discounts, make sure you secure them properly. As soon as you leave the shop with a product, you are liable for that property so you do not want a new Plasma TV to slide out your open boot and smash into a million pieces. If you are unable to shut the boot because of all your goods, safely and securely fix it to the roof (if it is acceptable to do so).

If you plan on continuing your Black Friday spree after dropping off your new goods in the sleigh, then make sure you cover them up and do not make them visible to jealous Grinches to avoid your sleigh being broken into and Christmas being ruined.

Watch Out For Angry Elves!

You managed to park your sleigh, now it’s time to get the deal of the year! But watch out for the angry mob of elves that are fighting over the last games console. The most common types of personal injury which happen on Black Friday are bruising, sprained ankles, broken bones and sometimes even concussion.


To ensure you shop safely, make sure you look where you are going to avoid slipping and products from shelves falling on you. Try to avoid the rowdy crowds as much as possible, it will only result in an injury or an arrest and we are pretty sure Santa will not deliver you any presents if that’s the case! Also, make sure you only purchase what you are able to carry. You don’t want to be dropping products and end up purchasing goods that don’t work.

Be mindful of where your wallet is whilst out and about picking up presents, you do not want to become a victim to identity theft during the festive period. Make sure you keep your wallet as close to yourself as possible and check your bank statements as often as you can to keep track of your finances.

Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

You did it. Congratulations! You survived Black Friday 2016 without a scratch. But sometimes Grinches want to steal your Christmas so it is important to make sure you have home and contents insurance to cover any loss of finances if unfortunately your home gets hit by a Grinch.


During the Xmas period, burglaries and break-ins increase. So make sure you protect your new possessions whether they are the children’s presents or the new big TV to impress your Aunt who complained it wasn’t big enough last year.

Insure 24-7 want to make sure our customers have the best Christmas possible, so here are our tips for preventing a Grinch from targeting your home:

  • If you have a burglar alarm, make sure you use it.
  • Lock all doors in the house even when you are home.
  • Lock all windows and doors when you are not home.
  • Leave no spare keys hidden on your property.
  • Leave a light on when you aren’t home.
  • Keep valuables out of sight and away from windows and doors, this includes car keys and wallets too.
  • Close the curtains at night.

If you have a car and are thinking about hitting the shops this Black Friday and want to make sure you have the correct car insurance or you want to protect your home from Grinches this Christmas and are interested in purchasing home and contents insurance then contact Insure 24-7 today for competitive, cost friendly quotes.