Make Sure Your Home Insurance Covers Your New Gifts

Posted on December 21, 2016 by

Make Sure Your Home Insurance Covers Your New Gifts

Insure 24-7 hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season but remember to be insurance savvy during this period as it is the time of year for bad weather, accidents and theft.

Boxing Day
Insurance claims rise in January due to the large increase in thefts and damage during the festive period. Make sure your home & contents insurance doesn’t catch you out.
Some insurance companies increase the cost you that you are covered for as goodwill one month before and one month after Christmas, however most policies do not automatically cover the theft of new and expensive gifts such as jewellery, mobile phones and tablets.
To prevent any unexpected setbacks, make yourself familiar with any exclusion’s which are on your policy and check your contents cover is high enough to cover the value of new gifts.
Update your insurer about new gifts to find out whether you are covered or if you need to upgrade your policy.

It’s Not Just New Presents That Need Protecting

Gifts usually are everyone’s main concern about protecting from damage or being stolen but what about the money you have spent on festive food if your fridge was to go bust, or the contents of guests staying over during the party season?
Some policies can even become void if accidental damage is caused under the influence of alcohol so make sure to read through your policy and upgrade if necessary.
Insure 24-7 can make sure your home & contents insurance is suitable to your needs all year round.

Tips On Preventing Your Home Being A Target For Theft

Don’t over share on the internet – You don’t know who is looking on your social media account and what their intentions are. Be careful about what information you share such as what presents you received and if you are on holiday. Some policies can become void if the insurer believes you were careless in protecting your home through the use of social media.
Set up light timers – If you know you are going to be out of the house when it is dark leave a light on or invest in light timers to make it look like someone is home.
Get gifts valued – Many people under insure their property, on average a 3 bedroom home has contents valued at an estimate of £55,000, so make sure you know exactly how much your content’s are worth to prevent your policy being cut short.
Keep new presents out of sight – Make sure your new gifts are not visible when looking through a window, if you have curtains close them.
Breakdown and dispose packaging from gifts – Don’t advertise what is inside your house, if possible place rubbish in black bags and take to the skip.

Protect your presents with Insure 24-7 low cost home & contents insurance today. Give us a call or request a quote.