Motor Fleet Insurance


It is essential to have commercial fleet insurance for your business if you operate a fleet of vehicles. In addition to being a legal requirement, a tailored made fleet insurance policy will give you peace of mind that you, your staff and your vehicles are financially protected in the event of an accident, breakdown, fire or even theft and vandalism.

Insure 24-7 provides affordable fleet insurance designed specifically to help your business reduce costs, save time and minimise hassle, and most importantly protect the fleet of vehicles your business relies upon.

Motor Fleet Insurance

Your entire fleet can be insured under one policy and our fleet insurance advisors will help you find the right level of cover to suit your specific needs at a price that will make financial sense to you.

The fleet insurance policies offered by Insure 24-7 have a great level of flexibility. Options such as drivers and level of cover can be tailored according to your needs. With our policies, you can make savings on your total annual insurance costs in addition to easing the administration of the insurance arrangements.

Fleet and Taxi fleet insurance Specialist

It is essential to have commercial fleet insurance for your business if you operate a fleet of vehicles. In addition to being a legal requirement, a tailored made fleet insurance policy will give you peace of mind that you, your staff and your vehicles are financially protected in the event of an accident, breakdown, fire or even theft and vandalism.

No matter your industry or business, if you have a fleet of any type of vehicle you may be better off with a fleet insurance policy from Insure 24-7

Compare your Fleet Insurance Policy with Insure 24-7

There is no point filling in duplicate forms, searching the web or calling around your local brokerages to find you the best fleet policy. Fleet policies can be complicated, hence you won’t find them listed on comparison and aggregator sites either. Insure 24-7 will take the headaches and the hassle away from you. By asking you the right questions from the outset we can find you the best deal that suits your fleet insurance needs.

Insure 24-7 has access to some of the most unique insurers in the market to cover a mixture of fleets from cars, taxis, HGVs plant machinery and coaches. We will focus on ensuring that you are adequately covered in addition to finding you the best price.

Your motor fleet vehicles are the wheels that keep your business moving, just like any assets they need to be properly protected. Nowadays it’s not enough to simply be insured for legal purposes, as each fleet and business operations needs vary, you need bespoke cover from a broker you can rely on.

Motor fleets vary in size, but generally speaking anything from 3 vehicles upwards could warrant having a fleet policy rather than insuring individual risks. Not only will you save from increased buying power, you will also reduce the administration and calls of renewing separate policies. Insurers are able to apply discounts to larger fleets as their exposure is aggregated across a number of risks.

Additionally, any type of vehicle can form a fleet, it isn’t just cars:

  • Lorries and vans
  • Taxis
  • Coaches and minibuses
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Construction and demolition plant

Literally, any type of business could benefit from a fleet policy whether the vehicle is used to generate income directly or merely a tool you use to get you from A to B. typically fleets include:

  • Any business with sales people
  • Company car drivers
  • Taxi and private hirers
  • Couriers, logistics and hauliers

Insurance Coverage for Vehicle Fleets

UK law dictates that third party cover is the minimal risk that you must insure for, but each business is different. Taxi drivers will require additional cover for passengers and hauliers will need insurance to cover any transported goods to give just two good examples. It is important that you fully assess who uses the vehicles, what type of business is being conducted, what the vehicle is and what may be carried within or on top of the vehicle. Insure 24-7 can guide you through the  process but it is important to consider factors such as special coverage and add-ons that will be unique to your business needs:

  • Hauliers insurance will involve cover for long distance transportation of goods, sometimes across international borders. Conversely, courier insurance will be more localised, often for smaller value goods with numerous drops.
  • Tradesman will often carry and store their own tools and equipment in a vehicle, cover will depend on whether tools remain in the vehicle overnight or where the vehicle is parked when not in use.
  • Liability insurance for both public and employee is an important consideration. This will protect you for claims made by employees, clients and members of the public, should damage be caused to an individual, public or private property. This type of insurance is even more important if you or your employees move heavy goods, use tools of the trade or enter other people’s premises or property.
  • Personal effects insurance will cover the driver possessions. If you have drivers that work away for a number of days they may be carrying laptops, smart phones and clothing that should be additionally insured.
  • Legal expenses insurance will cover you in the event of a claim being made against you, or if you need to make a claim or need legal advice against a third party.
  • It’s always possible for keys to be lost or stolen and for locks to break; key and lock insurance will cover you for this eventuality.
  • If you tow a trailer or similar then applicable insurance is a must have.

Struggling to find Fleet Insurance? Try Insure 24-7

No two vehicle fleets are the same in size, specification and usage. The only thing that ties them all together is insurance. Similarly, every fleet insurance policy differs too; some are more complex propositions than others. Typically you will find it harder to find fleet insurance for your vehicles if:

  • You have to insure drivers younger than 25
  • Prestigious vehicles are in your fleet
  • The vehicles are used for hire and reward or self-drive hire
  • Vehicles that carry harmful or toxic materials
  • Fleets that are not rated
  • Drivers with previous or serious convictions

For every struggle there is a solution; Insure 24-7 prides itself in going above and beyond in the pursuit of insurance cover, no matter how varied your circumstances. Typically mass market insurers won’t usually entertain these types of risks, that is why you need specialist advice and support from industry experts.

Differences between Fleet and Private Motor Insurance

Don’t always assume that comprehensive cover is the ideal situation for you. Vehicles of limited use that spend no time at all on the highways are a good example, such as construction and demolition vehicles. In these cases, it is often a more efficient to cover your fleet for third party and fire only.

Depending on how your vehicle fleet is used, there may be exclusions in your cover, typically theft of unattended vehicles and theft by deception will not be covered.

Besides the obvious of numerous vehicles being insured, fleet policies will not attract the accumulation of no claims discounts in the same way. Fleets by nature are larger, sometimes significantly larger, so the ability to maintain zero claims is limited. For your business, the insurer will calculate an expected loss ratio that will give a discount or increased premium for successive years, depending on whether the loss ratio is lower or higher than envisaged. For drivers, reliant on company cars, rather than wishing to insure their own private car, a letter from the business detailing any accident claims, hopefully none, will usually suffice is allowing some form of NCD to be applied.

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