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We Offer the Following Types of Insurance for Property Owners


Commercial Landlord Insurance


Commercial Property Insurance


Landlord Emergency Insurance


Rent Guarantee Insurance


Uncoppied Property Insurance


We Offer Insurance Policies for both Commercial and Private Properties

Property is certainly one of the most valuable assets that you well ever own; whether it is your home or the premises for your business, your property requires the protection of a comprehensive insurance policy. Here at Insure 24-7, we’re able to offer you a policy to insure your property that is designed to meet your specific requirements. We have a range of policies available for commercial properties, with additional coverage available for buildings that may be used for high-risk ventures or contain specialist facilities and equipment.

Similarly, we’re able to insure your property if you’re a landlord who rents to either residential or commercial tenants.

We can even insure your home or private property, with one of our personal policies. No matter the type of property you’re seeking to protect, Insure 24-7 will be able to create a policy that meets your needs, with a highly competitive and affordable premium.

Landlords need flexibility when it comes to commercial property insurance. At Insure 24-7, our aim is to keep things simple, but precise, whether the cover is for a number of properties or a one-off commercial venture. We will help you find the insurance policy you need and help you choose a level of cover including:

  • Building insurance
  • Contents insurance
  • Property owners’ liability cover
  • Rental income protection (also known as business interruption cover)
  • Employers’ liability insurance.

Commercial property insurance or commercial landlord insurance is specifically designed to give specialist insurance cover for landlords of properties occupied by third parties for commercial use.

Commercial buildings insurance is not a legal requirement, however you will find that standard insurance e.g. buildings cover, may not insure you in the event of a claim being made. If you opt not to have insurance at all then you will be liable to pay for any damage suffered to the property and injuries caused to third parties through negligence.

What types of properties can be insured?

Insure 24-7 can literally find you insurance for any property, including:

What else do you need?

Rental incomes can also be protected. If your property suffered a severe loss by fire or flood, your paying tenants would be unable to occupy the property until it was fully restored

It is also possible to insure unoccupied properties, depending on the policy you opt for the length of cover can be tailored to meet your needs, which would vary depending on the circumstances:

  • If renovations and building work was being carried out
  • If the tenant had to vacate the premises due to damage caused by natural causes.
  • Or whether you have recently lost a tenant and are looking for a new one.

There are also specialist products for specialist types of building, whether that is a listed building, a building of non-standard construction or for multi-tenancies.

In some circumstances you may own a property that has dual uses e.g. you have commercial tenants downstairs but you also own the flat that sits on top. Typically if you have buildings cover, it would cover the entire building, we would also recommend liability insurance to cover any negligent acts that result in claims. Tenants can then independently arrange cover for their contents

In today’s current climate it is a common occurrence for properties to be bought and sold on a regular basis. It is possible for any properties sold during the period of cover to have their policy cancelled and premiums refunded on a pro rata basis.

Who will Insure my Properties?

There are a whole host of insurers that will be interested in insuring your buildings. As brokers, Insure 24-7 have access to a wide range of facilities on the market and will have great insight into which insurer would be best placed to manage your risk, both in terms of price and coverage but also expertise and understanding of your needs.

Additionally, we work with a range of insurers including Lloyds, A-rated insurers and other FCA-regulated insurers & facilities, which will give you added peace of mind should any complaints arise and in terms of financial stability of that insurer.

Getting you a suitable insurance quote will vary in length of time depending on the risk you wish to insure. For individual buy-to-let premises you can obtain an immediate quotation online. However, if you have a non-standard risk or a portfolio of properties we will have to have a discussion with the underwriters in order to get you a bespoke quote.

Why Choose Insure 24-7 for Property Insurance?

  • Insurance policies and package deals tailored to meet your needs
  • Spread the cost of your cover with our Flexible Finance Options
  • Premium grade policies with competitive prices
  • Exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else on the market

When you choose Insure 24-7 you can expect to receive coverage underwritten by A-rated UK insurers, fully regulated by the FCA, specialist policies to suit your business and an outstanding level of customer service.

Our policies are affordable with highly competitive premiums; you won’t find cover so specific to your business for such reasonable prices. With a range of Flexible Finance Options available too, you can effectively spread the cost of your policies over the year.

We’re able to offer our services throughout the UK, and you’ll find that staff at our branches has an excellent understanding of your needs.

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Insure 24-7 Premium Finance

As business owners ourselves, we know that significant annual costs can causes cash flow headaches, especially if they fall at the wrong time of year. That’s why we can offer insurance premium finance so that you can spread the cost by paying in smaller regular instalments. It can help you budget more effectively and irons out fluctuations in your accounts and cash flows. In order to calculate your premium, all we require are a few personal/business and bank details. We will then provide you with the paperwork to sign which will detail confirmation of the loan, your insurance premium, the amount and dates of payments and when the contract will start and end. Insure 24-7 can even combine more than 1 insurance policy to a single Insurance Premium Finance contract, enabling your payment plan to cover all your insurance policies.

Why Should I Get Insurance Premium Finance?

  • No large upfront sum.
  • Multiple insurance policies can be financed under 1 single premium finance contract.
  • Manage monthly budget.
  • Can settle the full finance amount at any point.

Insure 24-7 Insurance Premium Finance Puts You In Control Of Your Finances

If you require Insurance Premium Finance for personal or business insurance then contact Insure 24-7 now for a cost effective quote or if you wish to discuss your insurance policies and want to find out more information regarding Insure 24-7 Insurance Premium Finance options then give us a call on 0330 555 6000.