Landlord’s Rent Guarantee Insurance

If you’re a landlord, either commercial or residential, then tenants who suddenly fall into arrears can cause you serious financial problems. Landlord’s rent guarantee insurance will protect you if unforeseen circumstances prevent rent from being paid. Even very good tenants can, unfortunately, find themselves in situations where they’re unable to meet their rent obligations. Therefore, a rent protection policy will help prevent you from being out of pocket, and insure your rental properties against arrears.
rent guarantee insurance

Rent Protection Insurance

Insure 24-7’s rent guarantee insurance policies will protect your property, be it commercial or residential in the event of rent arrears and additional protection can be put in place to cover legal expenses you may incur.

If a dispute occurs regarding eviction, repossession of a property or the recovery of owed rent, then the legal expense are likely to be high. Our rent protection insurance policies provide varying levels of protection, so your expenses are covered should the worst happen.

Get A Quote For Landlord’s Rent Protection Insurance

If you’re a landlord and require a quote for rent protection insurance, then do not hesitate to contact Insure 24-7 directly. Our experienced brokers can find you a policy that meets your specific needs and is also cost effective.

Sometimes situations arise that are beyond your control and when you’re a landlord, either commercial or residential, you need to be prepared for the worst. Our landlord’s emergency insurance policies will help you to protect your properties and tenants from situations including;

  • Plumbing and drainage issues
  • Boiler breakdown or loss of heating
  • Broken locks or windows
  • Lost keys
  • Failure of the power supply

Whether your tenants are residential or a business, it’s your obligation as the landlord to ensure that emergencies which would make the property uninhabitable are dealt with as quickly and as effectively as possible. Damaged to property could make it uninhabitable, leaving you liable for legal action from your tenants. Furthermore, the financial implications of extensive repairs to property combined with the loss of rent could be potentially damaging to your business.

If you are a landlord then the risk always remains that your tenants could default on their rent or you may find times when receiving rent is inhibited.

The best tenant checks and references will give you short term peace of mind and help mitigate the chances of future losses but nothing can fully protect you, especially in challenging economic conditions

Ask yourself the question, if you tenant was subject to long term sickness or lost their job if you commercial tenants went into administration, would you be able to cover your mortgage payments? Would such a loss be a significant financial impact?

High rents, increased business rates and stagnating economic conditions leave many tenants and landlords on the precipice of financial insecurity. Recovering rent arrears is time-consuming and sometimes costly, a hassle that no landlord relishes having to deal with.

Landlord rent guarantee insurance can cover you against rent arrears and default, even better, such policies are tax deductible against any previously received rental income.

A typical rent guarantee policy can cover you for:

  • Rent arrears and defaults
  • Legal expensive cover should legal action be required

Some policies will also have the added benefits of:

  • Zero excesses
  • Long term loss of rental income
  • Acceptance of all types of tenants

In order to reduce your insurance premium cost, it is always best to:

  • Obtain satisfactory references and guarantors where necessary.
  • Ensure the tenant has an income at the time the lease was initiated.
  • A credit check
  • A deposit

Why Choose Insure 24-7 for Rent Protection Policies?

  • Insurance policies and package deals tailored to meet your needs
  • Spread the cost of your cover with our Flexible Finance Options
  • Premium grade policies with competitive prices
  • Exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else on the market

When you choose Insure 24-7 you can expect to receive coverage underwritten by A-rated UK insurers fully regulated by the FCA, specialist policies to suit your business and an outstanding level of customer service.

Our policies are affordable with highly competitive premiums; you won’t find cover so specific to your business for such reasonable prices. With a range of Flexible Finance Options available too, you can effectively spread the cost of your policies over the year.

We’re able to offer our services throughout the UK, and you’ll find that the staff at our branches have an excellent understanding of your needs.