Insure 24-7 Welcomes New Peterborough Branch Manager Sany Sadiq

Posted on June 7, 2017 by

Insure 24-7 Welcomes New Peterborough Branch Manager Sany Sadiq

Insure 24-7 are extremely proud to announce we have appointed a new manager of our Peterborough branch, Sany Sadiq.

Sany was an easy choice for the role, having demonstrated his extensive experience in the insurance industry.

He graduated with a degree in Accounting and Finance in 2011, before securing a position at a Peterborough-based digital insurance brokerage, BGL Group.

Sany remained at BGL Group for six years, and during this time he demonstrated his capability by taking on a variety of different roles within the organisation, all whilst broadening his ever-growing knowledge of the insurance industry. His final role at the organisation was in partnership management, which he resigned from in 2017.

His day-to-day duties in this position involved establishing relationships between BGL Group and several high-profile clients, including RAC and Santander.

Insure 24-7 has been seeking further development for quite some time, and Sany has made this possible for us, being enthusiastic to introduce our services to his hometown. When commenting on Insure 24-7 expanding to Peterborough, Sany said: “Living in a tight-knit community has encouraged me to make the decision of opening our own brokerage”.

He expressed his appreciation towards the one-on-one personal touch Insure 24-7 offers to our clients, adding that such an approach it is imperative to any successful brokerage.

Sany is eager to break the barrier of insurance jargon between the business and our customers. The knowledge he has obtained over the years will allow him to provide a truly personalised service for customers, simplifying formalities to put our clients at ease and help them understand what it is we do and why.

We asked Sany what he was most looking forward to about beginning his new role, and he answered “I am excited to bring Insure 24-7 to Peterborough, offering an alternative to what customers currently have, and I genuinely feel the first-hand customer service we can provide will be second to none compared to what insurance customers have experienced in the past”.

Sany joins Azeem Rehman in the Peterborough office, where Azeem has been building the local business on his own for the past few months.

Having graduated with a Marketing degree in 2004, Azeem, just as Sany did, went on to work for BGL Group specialising in consumer insurance.

Two years later, he was promoted to corporate accounts manager in the Claims Department.  Azeem proceeded to remain in this role for the next eleven years until he felt it was time for him to pursue a venture into the wider world of insurance.

Throughout his career with BGL, Azeem strengthened his knowledge on the insurance sector and acquired multiple new skills, which he soon became eager to utilise.

It was, in fact, his longing for development which brought him to Insure 24-7.

Having lived and worked in Peterborough his entire adult life, Azeem is enthusiastic about providing the citizens of his hometown with an honest and efficient insurance brokerage that truly cares for its clients. He explained, “I feel Peterborough is in need of a brokerage that is at the heart of the community, and I am looking forward to creating a business which will be a part of my hometown for years to come, providing a first class service”.

Azeem and Sany have seriously impressed the Insure 24-7 team with their knowledge and ardent attitudes, and we strongly believe they will both be an asset to the business.

Insure 24-7 wishes Azeem and Sany a very warm welcome and all the best of luck, and we are sure their experience will help the firm to grow from strength to strength.