Taxi Insurance

We Offer the Following Types of Insurance for Taxi Drivers and Private Hire Vehicle Owners


Private Hire Insurance


Chauffeur Insurance


Minicab Insurance


Uber Insurance


Liability Insurance


Hackney Carriage

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Specialist taxi insurance policies are available directly through Insure 24-7. Our policies are tailored to offer our taxi driver clients the best possible value, ensuring you receive the comprehensive cover that will keep you, and your business on the road, even if the worst should happen. Whether you’re a self-employed cabby, or run a taxi business, we can offer you a quote for a reasonably-priced taxi insurance policy that will give you the best protection that will suit your specific requirements.
Protect yourself, your vehicle and your livelihood with a comprehensive insurance policy for your taxi from the experts.

Specialist Taxi Driver Protection

If you operate a private or public vehicle, a minicab, or a hackney carriage, we can offer you a taxi driver insurance policy to suit you. Insure 24-7 offer levels of cover from third-party fire & theft to fully comprehensive.
No matter what level of cover you choose, we always aim to offer a great deal on your policy; one that will make financial sense to you.
With vehicle replacement cover available alongside the standard level of cover, you can rest assured that even if your vehicle is damaged, Insure 24-7 can get you back on the road and earning fares right away.

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Insure 24-7 Premium Finance

As business owners ourselves, we know that significant annual costs can causes cash flow headaches, especially if they fall at the wrong time of year. That’s why we can offer insurance premium finance so that you can spread the cost by paying in smaller regular instalments. It can help you budget more effectively and irons out fluctuations in your accounts and cash flows. In order to calculate your premium, all we require are a few personal/business and bank details. We will then provide you with the paperwork to sign which will detail confirmation of the loan, your insurance premium, the amount and dates of payments and when the contract will start and end. Insure 24-7 can even combine more than 1 insurance policy to a single Insurance Premium Finance contract, enabling your payment plan to cover all your insurance policies.

Why Should I Get Insurance Premium Finance?

  • No large upfront sum.
  • Multiple insurance policies can be financed under 1 single premium finance contract.
  • Manage monthly budget.
  • Can settle the full finance amount at any point.

Insure 24-7 Insurance Premium Finance Puts You In Control Of Your Finances

If you require Insurance Premium Finance for personal or business insurance then contact Insure 24-7 now for a cost effective quote or if you wish to discuss your insurance policies and want to find out more information regarding Insure 24-7 Insurance Premium Finance options then give us a call on 0330 555 6000.

Our taxi driver insurance experts are on hand to offer you advice and guidance on our policies, so if you require further information, then don’t hesitate to contact us; we’ll be more than happy to talk you through your options or offer a highly competitive quote for your taxi insurance.

Get a Taxi Insurance Quote

Contact Insure 24-7 today, and get a taxi insurance quote for a policy tailored to your needs. All of our policies are available for taxi drivers throughout the UK.