Taxi Liability Insurance

Taxi liability insurance is important for drivers using both private hire and public hire vehicles. If there is a situation where your passengers could be injured getting in or out of your taxi, you could be at risk. You could also be held liable for a passengers safety when they are not actually inside your vehicle. By securing the right taxi liability insurance you will be covered for suffering a significant loss as a result of a claim being made against you.

taxi liability insurance

Insurance Policies For Taxi Companies & Operators

As a taxi company or operator, when a customer calls you to arrange a taxi, the passenger becomes a liability to you as well. This goes for both pre-booked and non pre-booked companies. The moment the customer steps in the vehicle, they become liable to the taxi driver and the company or operator they booked through for their journey. To keep your business safe and sound we provide insurance policies for taxi companies and operators all over the UK.

The policy provides protection against damage or injury to third parties and their property where cover is not operative under your motor insurance policy. It is specifically tailored for drivers and operators who transport passengers for hire or reward and is available to most sectors of the industry including public hire, private hire, hackney carriage, chauffeur and for contracts with local authorities such as schools and hospitals.

Competitive Quotes For Taxi Liability Insurance

Our taxi liability insurance product is tailored specifically to our customers, so whether you work using a public hire or private hire vehicle, or as a chauffeur working for local authorities, your policy will be specifically planned out according to your needs at a competitive price.

Whether a claim made against you is your fault or not, you will still benefit from investing in a comprehensive taxi liability insurance policy. At Insure24-7, we understand the situations you may find yourself in as a taxi driver, that’s why we provide taxi liability insurance for taxi drivers at competitive rates, keeping your business and your reputation insured.

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